The Ignit Truth

by earFear

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    The 33rd album. Enjoy




The aggressive twin of the calm album Altar Call. Primal instincts. Uber red


released June 2, 2010



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earFear Little Rock, Arkansas

earFear is a gang

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Track Name: Hot Sauce ft Dai Dai
Hot Sauce

1st Verse - 607

You can catch me in traffic, i be all over town
Tryin to find out who got it, get me some and get down
I be backstreet bailin', like i don't got a choice
Yeah i'm 607 (baby lower your voice)

They can tell how i grew up, by the way that i roll
Don't complain over little shit, get a lil bit - we throwed
See this heat for them bustas, speed limit for suckas
And the smiles for the models on the covers, they love us

What you say 'bout some payments?! homie we ain't the same
If i'm eyein it i'm buyin it, let you keep the change
If i'm lyin then i'm flyin, and you don't see no wings
I accept your apology, bitch get back in your lane!

Yeah I know who she is, i met her at the party
She was shakin like she trying to make it fly off her body
She comin over here, she attracted to real
Niggas who tryin to make some sense out this life we live
(hot sauce)

Paper baby, we got that (whoa)
Animosity, stop that (no)
Smilin when i pull through (ay)
You should be feelin good oo (hold up)

Pour a lil bit of hot sauce on it (x2)
Pour a lil bit of hot sauce please
And you'll be feelin just like me (mm hm)

Verse 2 - Bobby

Catch me out with my partners, rollin dippin the town
Trickin off a few dollars, lil mama flaggin us down
If she watchin i'm stoppin, if she want it it's hers
She ain't none of my lady, today i feel she deserves

Got my a/c low, music up with the window cracked
We doin this everyday baby, you should get into that
I get a stack - bend it back- show it then i blow it
Baby girl you don't know me, i'm breakin bread with my homies
(Call me)

Yeah i like 'em cool, sexy petite and cute
But if you're unsure, i'ma hit a detour
I need you ready baby, that's when you're at your best
I don't wanna know, i love it when you make me guess (yes)

Got me feelin like i'm number 1
Somebody stop me, Bobby the hottest under the sun
100 'til i d-i-e
If you got your own money you should feel like me (hot sauce)


Have you ever seen a mp3 with dust on it?
That would never happen to a file with us on it
Got kids runnin home from school like the bus haunted
Treat the beat like your gal face, buss on it

Niggas questionin' my position must want it
G'on and take it from me homie, ain't no cuffs on it
He who sets his sights on 6 shall soon be
Full of holes like a motel 6 room key