G33KS G0N3 W​!​LD

by earFear

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released December 17, 2010



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earFear Little Rock, Arkansas

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Track Name: Geeks Stay Fly
1st verse: 607

Flyer than a spacecraft antennae, We laid back
my enemies hate that, wake up everyday mad

More bullets less aim, they don't stand a chance
How you gon' fit all them bodies in one ambulance?

She a wine sippin fraud, why should i accept her?
He put money over god, how can i respect him?

Pretty don't stay pretty when you applyin pressure
My watch ain't fat and black, but my time precious

Beat your feet after the stop clock beep
Faster, what you need high-top cleats?

I exude confidence even a cyclops see
You gon' have to give her cataracts to cockblock me

Like a butter square, i'm on a roll
You ain't nothin but a square trickin' on a troll

And i'm deaf, when you getin' it you hear 'em out
But when you got it, you relax and grow your beard out
Track Name: Gas Station
1st Verse: 607

Gas station Bound, Where i like to bargain shop
Liquor cups and swisher guts, all over the parking lot

Turn my music down and crack my window 'cause i like to watch
But I'm actin' funny 'cause them junkies act just like the cops

Know he gon' be late-uh with my paper, i don't wanna sit
Clean out my ashtray-uh while i wait for my associate

Let me gon' and grab, snacks for the lab
Since i've made more money up here than the owners have
Track Name: Butcher Knife
1st Verse: 607

Butcher Knife slice for the cheapest local price
Don't you ever think i'm stupid in your MF'in life
Catch me crackin corny jokes and chasin girls like Wanda Sykes
Laugh hard like it's tight, past dark future bright

Government irrelevant so why get up and fight?
It's gon' take more than a president to fix or fuck my life
Bishop Eddie Long wrong and cholesterol merc us
Love my mind and body so you won't catch me in church's

Say he wanna take my spot- say he got it in for me
Make a wish foundation put that boy name on a christmas tree
Your business get no business, your employees strugglin
Your profit is zero, you're a ceo of nothing

Can't get in no clubs in atlanta cuz i'm in dickies
good enough for my homies funeral, then it's good enough for you bitches
I say just what i mean, it's a profitable style
Pockets fatter than a girl you ain't seen in a while

While they trickin' i respect women and dick 'em down
I ain't never had to pay a bitch to stck around
Sucka niggas know 6-0 will let it go
That's why they talkin slow and shakin like freddie roach

Still a couple that don't believe i'll do what i said
2pac didn't believe his enemies--- he fuckin dead

slice (x8)
Track Name: Facebook Fraud
2nd Verse: 607

Type it in #FBF
Why you get online tryin' to re-invent yourself?
Must be out your mind, must thought i wouldn't'look
Laughin' til i'm cryin' cuz you lyin on the book

If you make a move update your status and pictures
Trying to cover up your cockiness with bible scriptures
I am 607, don't care how you feel
I'm gon' say what you say then i'm gon' say how it is

Your info private, you watch what you share
In real life your haters are invisible, who cares?!
you said no weapon formed against you shall prosper
but no weapon was formed in the first place, imposter

you gotta Be kiddin', not livin' at all
facebook is prison you just write on walls
chat boxes, like buttons, blue and white screens
these are a few of my least favorite things
Track Name: Geeks Gone Wild
1st verse: 607

Alright then, illuminati triflin'
I bet you i don't get rich
and join a bunch of white men

don't think that i'm all up
in your face 'cause i called ya
i'll never be no d-boy
they slaves to they lawyers

yeah baby you lovely
your atitude is ugly
so basically you busted
got nothin on or for me

i'm out here gettin' them ducketts
'til i smell like a puppy
them birdbrains gon' knock me
them real hoes gon' love me (i'm good)
Track Name: P.A.R.O.D.Y.
P.A.R.O.D.Y. is an acronym for
'privilege and responsibility of dying young'

1st verse: 607

It's the parody, parody
I don't want your charity
You know i accepted when
Turf asked to marry me

Parody, parody
God give me clarity
Seeing how these niggas
Scared of me done got me arrogant

When it's time to vote
I don't ever ever get up
Cause i don't believe
In the system that they set up

All them upper class black folk got tricked
Money talks, politicians don't change shit

Can't win a game where your enemies make the rules
So we fix up old schools and act a damn fool
Doing doughnuts with a warrant on my license
I'ma break the motor mount cuz this MF yikin!!

Middle class shake they head but give us respect
Cuz we all in jail, but they all in debt
If this was heaven, i might try to stay alive
But it's hell on earth but i ain't scared to die
Track Name: Wicked World
3rd verse: 607

Feelin real bulletproof
You will never ever hear me sayin don't shoot
Cuz if he do

Pain made so many holes already
Bullets pass right through me
They don't effect me

Only try to love me if you admire hell
It's like using water to protect a spider web
It confuse and annoy me cuz in the past
Every kind act was a ploy to destroy me

I used to be a rookie, i'm a vet now
For that reason, you'd think that i'd be set now
When you go out of your way and they still leave you hanging
It feels like even more of a let-down

I absorb all the licks from the fists
Hope they hit me in the stomach
I'ma throw up on they wrists

And then tell 'em this is what i waited on
Cuz i'm not comfortable unless i'm hated on
Track Name: My Fault ft. E-Dubb
1st verse: 607

My fault you in a bind, my fault i take the blame
my fault you stuck in the hood, i'm somewhere on a plane

my fault you stay up in he club flexin on them hoes
my fault you been doin it for years and ain't got shit to show

my fault your baby mama call me when your junior trippin
my fault she mad- i don't whoop other people children
my fault they hurt you but you hit her when you sloppy drunk
my fault her uncles wanna kill you, you fuckin punk

my fault you always ignored me; i said come with us
my fault you turned your life around but you ain't comin up
my fault them folks you thought was gangstas didn't know how to hush
my fault you fucked off all them years but you want god to rush

my fault you took for granted, my fault you took too long
my fault, her fault, your mama fault you didn't do nothin wrong

next time they ask you 'who fault?', stand up quick
that'll be the first step, need to man up bitch
Track Name: Ambitionz of a Geek
1st verse: 607

It seems- i couldn't help being a geek it was in my genes
but i was still poor in the hood- my nigga you know what i mean

extreme- the sun went down on all my childhood dreams
so like a buffoon i used to look up to the moon
can i get a beam?

supreme- was new to the game but they could still tell im a g
but couldn't decide if it's geek or gangsta
i was just tryin to be me but thanks to

Greed- i'm losin my self esteem
And i went from being 100 to being
whatever they want me to be

I started dippin' and delvin', Got heat by the infinte Kelvin
I wanted a shot a the dope game, But i ain't no helluva salesman

I'm losin my big homie cocaine and i don't know what i'ma tell him
I'm trying to make up for my shortchange and he jokes ain't really helpin

Opinions meant too much, Changed priorities up
No more respect or trust
Niggas who real let time reveal
to scary cowards it's never enough

My ambition as a geek:
Runnin a business and runnin the street
i need the cash

You go on and keep the doubt
I'ma watch that shit leak out yo ass
Track Name: I Know ft. Devin the Dude
3rd verse: 607

Baby, you're here to have fun
You got a lot of curves
I only got one

I'm touchin every nerve
I'm with you baby, ugh!
You tip and I'ma serve
You know i'm gone stunt

Uh-huh, man i can't let her go
She ride for me so hard
She send me I'ma go

She patient with a hardhead G
We can roll
I'ma be whatever she need
That's fasho
Track Name: Yeeuh N!99@
4th verse: 607

Eatin' ain't a problem to a shareholder
Especially when you full as a spam folder

A! i got the K but i ain't bout to act a monkey witcha
You take the K out of monkey, you get money nigga

Success is like a dream, my dreams are like mirrors
Cuz the visions in them are closer than they appear

That's why y'all keep on losin'
Your hood got fake bloods
It needs a transfusion
Track Name: Jinx
1st verse: 607

Another day, fresh off the court
Life of a tycoon: rap, women, and sports
Baby hold down the fort, told me don't showr yet
She like to see me work, she like to see me sweat

Cut queen knows how to soothe me
Call a babysitter, we gon' catch us a movie
I'ma get junior ready since your hair messed up
Put on something you like- but don't get too dressed up

It's a laid back atmosphere we both create
Gotta change your attitude when you procreate

So i pumped my brakes, focused on what mattered
Cuz the man set the pace and determine the status

Now the moonlight shinin on our 4 door kia
She's staring, but i act like i don't see her

We live a good life- i know that's what she thinkin
I hope she don't say it though, cuz that might jinx it
Track Name: The Summary
2nd verse: 607

Life of a g, you heard the story so much
You keep hearing it cuz they don't give a fuck about us
Ain't no smearin' in my campaign, i just state facts
ANd the rich stay white- so my heart stay black

Take the CD out the packaging a g just bought
To the naked eye i'm slackin but i'm in deep thought
Got my brother in the county, i don't know how to act
If i'm broke when he get home, he gone go right back

And i ain't try to be by, myself, out here
I'm talking about my ace boon since knee-high
Since pro-wings and levi's, believe i
Oughta be able to figure out a scheme
Pull a bada-bing we fly, BAM!

But lately, good ideas escape me, my mind
Is elesewhere, no help here
A nigga runnin outta time

It's extra responsibility
Black males gotta succeed by
keepin the homies outta jail