Art Class

by earFear

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Hopefully this album is like everybody's junior high art class: random and inspiring.


released June 1, 2011



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earFear Little Rock, Arkansas

earFear is a gang

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Track Name: My Nerve (Welcome Back) ft. Osyrus Bolly
They say I be doin' too much, but i don't listen to my foes
They got indicted but I'm still yikin' on these hoes
Coursing through the veins of my hood in plainclothes
Flexin' equals witness protection, you ain't know?

Spit and shine, that's a sign of a solid G
Ridin' slow like a moph followin' me
Jacket hangin' off me something like a curtain
Stick my hands out, pose like im surfin'
Ain't my mojo so worrisome?

He be backslidin', he think I'ma roast him
So he sweatin' like he fulla ice on a coaster
See practice make perfect, my skills make 'em scared
And people who ain't good, just act like they don't car

Niggaz who chase paper chase women the same way
Make a decision: you gone get evicted or get played?
Say nigga Fuck you! I know they heard that
They better watch me, I got my nerves back
(alh!) And I'm gone shake 'em til they shut me up
Track Name: New Niggaz
We the niggaz, to put it frankly
Help set the example, you should thank me
Some whites don't like when i use this slang
But seeking their approval is to me so laaaaame

We the niggaz, from the bus stop
Pocket full of cash? why the fuck not?!
No mafia rules, no suit and tie
Cuz ain't no gotti kids takin' after superfly

We the niggaz, stay in y'all place
Gunsafe with SKs in the crawlspace
it's all fun and games when you dance around actin'
Til we hem you up like some hand me down khakis

BBQ's every weekend and hoop sessions
Mobilize 50 goons, 1 text message
It's 12th Row move or no move hoe!
We ain't emulating rich white folks cuz We the niggaz
Track Name: To the Beat with Alia Moore
verse 2

I turned the music on, laid her on her back
Asked her,'... fast or slow?', she said,'follow the soundtrack'
started off with trey songz but it got faster as we went
I'm sweatin' tryin' to catch up, but she got me messed up
Baby it don't make no sense how good your cookie is

Look at this, got a nigga being obedient
If hot sex was a gourmet dish, you'd be the main ingredient
(Whew!) I'ma take you shoppin', wait on you, take your order
First I'ma explode in your mouth like a cherry cordial
Track Name: Flyin ft. Jessica Lauren
Since before bin laden i been advanced
Dickies needs to start makin' linen pants
You ever been with a man who been in france?
Young g from the hood watchin a river dance

Get on board, my type's rare
Show you the real world peel back another layer
Dominance is the common denominator
I'ma player on the field, buddy just a commentator

I'm bossy cuz the world made me
Flip side i provide so forgive me baby
Before michelle obama was a first lady
She was a queen carrying a king and his babies

It's funny when you figure out you livin' out
A moment at this second that you'll never forget about
I feel something, I don't wanna say it now
Let's consummate the bond, girl lay it down
Track Name: Snob ft. RiVee
verse 2

On the edge wanna fight and pockets ain't yikin
what the fuck you think I'ma do?
I can't make it doing promo, go and do it solo
nigga I ain't bankin' on you
Hustlers love to say I'm snobby, prolly just be
me and Bobby on the road
Don't say my government name
i do not fuck with you hoes

I got that official issue for a hater clickin'
think they the one I'ma let
Slide just open your eyes, notice the 4-5
you must have forgot I'ma vet
Ready to wreck and break 'em up like moses
Extra clip by the show disc
Bringin' hope to the hopeless
How the fuck can they say I ain't the coldest?!

Nigga we oceans deep and full of crooks so willin' to ride
If you don't read books bro, you will never know
the way I'm feelin inside
Dealin' with pride is a fight bruh
People look up to intelligence so you don't like us?
Feel insecure around me you need to step your life up
Track Name: Too Long ft. Rivee
It's a time to work, time to play, time to get that money
I do both, do think so? then let me show you something
Million ways to die and get paid, and i'm gone find 'em all out
Ballin' time is all the time, so I won't be at y'all house

I'ma hustle vet when my muscle flex, I take losin' spreads
and all busters bets
Don't be gone when my number fall; justy shut your mouth up
and cut the check
No such thing as too much respect,
I let you know in advance, don't matter who understand
If I'ma be what i wanna be gotta do what I can
To get richer and stick to the plan, BOOOOOOW!!
Track Name: Don't Go ft. Roni Poet
No matter what I pick I lose, seems unfair
Why you gotta make me choose?
I see why folks don't tell the truth
Cuz we had a ball when you didn't have a clue

I know know lies are white, truth is black
But life don't ever be like that
Them lil gray areas caryy us in a direction
We don't recognize until our eyes are just a blank reflection

Metaphors don't help neither do apologies
You know i don't got a rep but i do a lot of things
That may misrepresent our team

Plus livin' in a rush make a nigga unsure
I get anxious, ain't this goin' against
The original reason I'm doing this for?

You were a gift from god i found late
You use to mess with fools but I don't hate
And every single night I pray
Our father please don't take music away
Track Name: Holdin Back
What's up b.g. let's run, what's up OG let's ride
What's up world here I come, I watch the demons die
I got some crazy stories, so crazy think I'm lyin'
That's only cuz you boring, no brain no point no time

No clip no shot no script no casting call
just me and mine
Tryin' to act like being broke is better than a
life of crime
Truth is blue, pain is red, crime is purple cuz
And I will never ever let a punk with a vendetta
Run up on the set or try to murder us

I done made a grip and dodged bullets
Punished haters: semis, glocks, fullys
All the homies that i used to treat
They was high and don't remember me

Dirty money: leave it, run quick
Easy come and easy go- shit!
Slow bread have a nigga workin' til he just
a oldhead waitin' on a lottery pick

Me hittin' a lick for dough is just like writin' a paper
And my computer froze, something won't let me save it
When you get your crown, you gone wear it or sell it?
I stare temptation down and this is what I tell it
Track Name: The Committee ft. Asylum
I'm legally retarded, look what we started
I'm dumb enough to do it, smart enough to beat the charges
Got your girl in my hood on the kitchen wall
And it feels good like hot water on itchin' balls

They say life's a bitch? That's cuz they haven't met her
She's strange and always changing like cabin pressure
I was walkin' cool- she taught me a lesson
Now I'm runnin' hot- like I need a compressor, yesssir!

You know it's on when the beat yike
Arm hangin' out the window shootin' out the street lights
It's a traphouse I don't care if your lady there
I'ma still lay you down like baby hair

They sneak dissin' is funny, I call it fanmail
You're a snake in the grass with pentagram scales
Nobody but the devil, cut the shovel handle short
Even though we go back like auditors and child support

Snuffa Luffa Gus, Cut another slit up in her throat
For the backtalk, now your insides on the back wall
you finished, hoe?
That guttersnipe better bite down on a butterknife
'Fore she say a nigga name, put her in the game
Blitz on the play, down set hike

He was scared so his life gone, he shouldn't have said it
I kill feds like micros kill women's edges
We the welcoming committee but don't let it fool you
We break your insides, tear you open like a pack of noodles
Track Name: Outside
Verse 1:

I know i know i know
i know a couple bitches out here gettin it
and a couple niggas out here simpin, its ridiculous
i just mind my business, on a mission to succeed
shoddy posted for them vultures as i'm coasting through this heat
i'm planting seeds, baby, i can't be your mister
let him pay them bills, i'll come paint a bigger picture
homie, be proud of your sister, she's going all the way
and the best part of me is drying up on her face
hey, i keep it raw & uncut, fuck formal
you niggas can't see me but you feel me, paranormal
soaring witht the eagles, yeah, my people flying with me
counting change on a mountain range, nigga, fuck the city
them bright lights too pretty
if it don't glitter, it's gold, let me polish it
send an invitation to the haters, come watch this shit
if i get this cheddar, then everybody is better off
or i'ma get that nine & move around like the letter "o"
Track Name: Inside ft. Errol Westbrook
I work to eat, play for keeps, none of my enemies pray for me
So I stomp the ground in and out of town, jumpman makin' them
bounds and major leaps
G's lookin like the police so i dodge em, you can't park
a caprice in my yard
They take time off- get extra soft I see that and go extra hard

Crumbs make bricks; bricks make pyramids so that nigga 6 get it
in day and night
My discs like bricks, my show like white- swerve rubber to the
curb serve on site
Y'all bet. I bet better. I play chess. Y'all play checkers
Jammed my homie on a bullshit charge but guess who right back
at that cheddar??
Track Name: Horsepower ft. Pepper Boy
How many folk gone run? How many folk gone walk?
How many folk gone move? How many just gone talk?
How many folk catch charges? How many folk gone beat it?
How many think they innocent cuz all they dirt a secret?

How many stuck in the hood? How many travel the atlas?
How many think they good, but they don't ever practice?
How many folk get robbed, stress out over bread?
How many folk get they own money put on they head?
Track Name: Double Edge with Emika
Condo with a view of the skyline?
Not so bitch, we are in the 'A'
No athlete stats, I'm just 5'9"
But if you put me in the game; I'ma play

That gentleman role is so 90's
They switched it up, you can't tell?
Bad guy does her first, he finishes last
But the nice guy finishes himself

Romantic walks on the weekend?
No sir, nowhere downtown
But I walk with her when we freakin'
And her feet don't touch the ground
Track Name: Money ft. Jessica Lauren
You'll say you love me but you just can't put your finger on why
You'll try to make em feel like a demon casting a spell
You think I'm trippin', you'll be trippin when you see I'm not high
I'm just a hustler who do my thang and i do it well

I'ma shake my head, I'ma get that bread; if you come with it, fine
Doin' it like this so long I know no other piece of mind
Eat my seeds and drink my blood but when you get down to the rind
You'll figure out I wasn't lyin' (I blame it on the)
Track Name: Bandaid
Verse 2:

I done seen the signs, so many times
i just brace myself, impact, then i recline
in my feelings lookin at the ceiling, nearly crying
as the street light peek through a few of my blinds
i'm tired of trying, this shit's weak
on the surface ass niggas never dig deep
my girl playing, & she's swearing that it's all me
my response to her text, don't call me